• Hey everyone! I am thinking to start composting my household waste, but I do not have any prior experience or knowledge. Could anyone help me?

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  • Recently, I gave Bhoomi diapers a try for my baby, and my thoughts are a mix of positive and negative. On one hand, I appreciate the eco-friendliness of the product while it still functions like a normal diaper, allowing me to maintain my routine without disruption. However, the higher price point may be a deterrent to some, but the environmental…Read More

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  • – Sturdy even though made with paper
    – Smooth glossy finish without plastic
    – Microwave friendly
    – Can carry light to medium weight snacks
    – Doesn’t get scratched easily with spoon
    – Washable
    – Doesn’t soak water and dries easily
    – Changes color when comes in contact with water but doesn’t change its sturdiness
    – Doesn’t give the typical…Read More

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  • Heard about 100% biodegradable bamboo fiber? ECO BOOM is an eco-friendly brand committing to making humans live healthy and are a professional diaper manufacturer. ECO BOOM is taking one small step to sustain the planet and me too. Are you taking a step to make planet earth sustainable?

    Eco Boom diapers composts 30% faster than normal nappies.…Read More

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  • Hydroponic system, By definition- Hydroponics is the art of growing plants without soil. Yes, you heard it right. The term “hydroponics” clearly denotes the absence of soil, which is the fundamental component of growing plants the conventional way. From this point forward, a higher yield can only be anticipated with high-quality soil. In contrast…Read More

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